Gary Paterson

BA (Hons), MSc, MA, FRSA

Policy and Communications

Hello, I'm Gary.

I am a Communications Specialist in European and International Affairs, driven to make a difference with impactful causes for ambitious causes. I am currently serving as the Communication & Outreach Officer at CESAER, the strong and united voice of science and technology universities in Europe.

Prior to my current appointment, I had graduated from the College of Europe and served the European Parliament’s Communications Directorate as a Schuman Trainee, supporting the Parliament’s Liaison Offices across the EU and externally in London and Washington DC.

Over these last few years, I have studied in-depth the policy, practice, and processes of politics and international relations, and have had the opportunity to work in campaigns and politics to see these in practice.

Enthused by the coming together of states, global actors, and global citizens, and empowered by the transformative power of education; both provide a strong motivation to make an impact in international and European affairs.

Now more than ever we require global solutions to vital issues that we cannot solve on our own, or which stretch across this world. I want to do my bit to help amplify the voice of citizens, and to provide effective policy and communications which support change.

Upon completion of my Traineeship in January 2022, I will be looking to begin a new opportunity in policy and communications at the international level.

"Education empowered me to help others, and in doing so it changed my life forever."


My Skills


Interviews, Surveys, Analysis, & Reports.


Design, Content, Impact, and Delivery


Speech Writing, Press Releases, Content


Speeches, Interviews, Conferences

Public Relations

Point of Contact, Meetings, Liaison

Websites & Social Media

Strategy, Design, and Management


Campaigns, Lobbying, Issue-Tracking

Events & Conferences

Planning, Logistics, Contact, Delivery

Recent Activity

Communications Trainee at the European parliament

Life at the college of europe



Education has changed my life. 

Starting in a small community college of further education in the North East of Scotland, I gained the support and passion which encouraged me to be the first in my family to attend university. 

In university, I found myself drawn to study, research, and activism that could make a positive impact on the world.

I am proud of my academic journey, and am honoured to be a product of Strathclyde’s ‘useful learning‘, to be one of Glasgow’s ‘world changers‘, and to hold ‘l’esprit du Collège d’Europe‘ in all that I do.



I am passionate about politics and international relations, I want to do my bit to help make the policy and communications in our international affairs more impactful and relevant to people from all walks of life.

With a unique combination of political geekery, an cross-societal understanding, and a passion for policy and communications, I seek to bring these three together in order to make a positive contribution in efforts to tackle the issues of our time.

I am driven to make an difference; I am ready and excited to take my next step!



I am proud to be an active citizen, driven by an instinctive desire to help others and to make a lasting impact for those who will inherit the communities and the world which we too have inherited. 

I believe that it is the duty of every responsible citizen to try to leave things in a better state than which we found them; I maintain this drive in my career and academic work, but always find time for volunteering and citizenship action. 

No matter what comes next in my career, I will also do what I can to help out.



The opportunity to attend the College of Europe has been a dream of mines for many years, in pursuit of this exceptional course I was pleased to receive the following letters of support:

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next steps

Looking for my next Policy and Comms opportunity in International Relations.