eu+me Campaign, The Gathering

Over the summer eu+me hosted The Gathering, a series of virtual events bringing together a range of voices from business, academia, sport and the arts. And, most importantly, we heard from families and communities in villages, towns and cities across Scotland.

The aim, was quite simply, to come together and make our voices heard, and to protect the freedoms, rights, values and opportunities that allow our communities to thrive. We want to strengthen and build on the close ties that we share with our friends, neighbours and partners across Europe.

It was an opportunity to describe why we value our European identity and why we must hold on to the advantages of being a European nation in every sense. Please click below to watch back our events of music, discussion and lively debate on how we see our future relationship with Europe. We hope that by engaging with communities and listening to voices across Scotland we can build the case for our positive future in Europe.

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